James B. Conroy

Lincoln's White House

The People’s House in Wartime



  • The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln
    This is an annotated collection of every letter, speech, public statement, report, and other document, formal and informal, that Lincoln is known to have written.
  • Library of Congress
    The Library of Congress’s site gives access to all of the Lincoln papers that are archived there.
  • The Lincoln Log
    This is an easy to use, day-to-day chronology of the documented events in Lincoln’s life, with citations to the sources that record them and links to many of the underlying documents.


The Civil War

  • Official Records
    Digitally indexed, The War of the Rebellion” A compilation of Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, 73 vols. (Washington, D.C.: U. S. Government Printing Office, 1890-1901), the indispensable, comprehensive collection of the official orders, correspondence, reports, and other records of the two opposing armies, can be found on each of two web sites:
    Cornell University Library: digital.library.cornell.edu/m/moawar/waro.html
    Ohio State website
  • National Park Service
    The National Park Service’s web site on the Civil War offers an extensive, thoroughly detailed chronology, information on battlefields and other historic locations, links to other Civil War web sites, and much other useful information.
  • The Civil War in General
    This is a fabulous compilation of information, bibliographies, book reviews, and other useful data on the Civil War. 
  • Color Photographs of the Civil War and Its Leaders
    These sites provide remarkable color images that make black and white photographs of the Civil War’s leaders and events come to life.